About Native Habitat Restoration

Greg Parrs
Greg Parrs, President and Consultant

My mission is conserving nature one home at a time by managing ponds, stream banks, agricultural, storm water, forestry, parks, residential and transportation barrier settings.

A conservationist from birth, I recognized the spirit in me as a teen. Traveling through forests, farmland, residential, commercial and public construction sites, my education and skills developed as a planner, engineer and conservationist. After constructing parks, schools, hospitals, commercial sites, airports, bridges and highways, I have come full circle to protect nature and what feeds us.

My previous work experiences had elements of habitat preservation, repair and creation, and I take great pride in my current mission to promote, preserve and restore natural habitats, from back yards to wetlands, forests, farms, parks and urban landscapes.

Greg’s Credentials

  • Forester and farmer
  • Pennsylvania Pesticide License Categories:
    • 5 Forest Pest Control
    • 6 Ornamental & Shade Tree
    • 9 Aquatic
    • 10 Right of Way & Weeds
    • 23 Park/School Pest Control
  • BS Engineering, Wilkes University
  • AS Engineering, Penn State University
  • Federal Bridge Inspection
  • FEMA Disaster Manager